Friday, March 05, 2010


"California Dreams" Reunion

About six months ago on this site, I wondered why the show “California Dreams” – which followed “Saved By The Bell” on Saturday mornings – wasn’t more popular and why stations like TBS weren’t airing reruns of the show. I also mentioned how awesome the theme song was and that Jimmy Fallon should be begging for a reunion of the cast. Well wouldn’t you know, but the other night Fallon did just that: He reunited the cast of "California Dreams" and had them sing the theme song with The Roots.

The lessons here? The first is that “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” should hire me as a writer. The second is that I’m awesome for being so far ahead of the curve on identifying what's cool and funny in pop culture and remaining so humble about it.

Maybe he reads your blog. Oh wait, no one reads you blog anymore because you only post once a quarter. Thus, no one can read your blog.
i agree... more often is better.

& thanks for the hooligan choir!
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